I was distracted. A shitty movie on TV and a chatroom discussion on the pronunciation of the “wh” sound in Maori made me a little late for the Hollow Grinders and All Torn Up gig. So late that I paid to get in, went to the bar, bought a beer and the Grinders finished their last song. But it was really cool running across Wainui Road towards Aqua Velvet with the beginning of that song playing. All Torn Up were fun. The audience seemed to be mostly locals. Oh, and the door stamp smudged purple ink onto my t-shirt.

After the show I was standing out on the footpath talking with Dirk Thrust and another fellow Dirk knew said that Raglan was a healing place. A friend of his had come out here and gone in the surf and cried. I think there may have been a spiritual church in the equation too. But Raglan doesn’t specifically heal me. If I drink the water I get sick.

Where are my seduction pants?

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