What the world needs now

Ah, yes. Dance for us, dancing monkey girl. Do a trick for us. Sing us a song. Tell us a jolly. Dance for us, dancing monkey girl.


I was driving along a road today and suddenly a car shot out of a side street, attempting to do a right-hand turn. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid slamming into the side of that car. I breaked so hard that I burned rubber. The other car ended up positioned neatly behind me. I was shocked and just sat in my car for a while. Interestingly, I’d come to a stop right in front of a pedestrian crossing. I drove on and pulled over so the traffic behind me could follow on. The other car pulled over behind me, but I wasn’t interested in talking to them. Ideally I’d tell them to wake the fuck up, but in reality I’d probably end up being like, “it’s ok! No harm done!!!” So they drove on, then a little bit later I drove on. I ended up right next to that car at some traffic lights. I looked over and saw the driver and passenger embroiled in a fierce argument.

So when shit like that happens I know that it’s time to get out of Auckland. Fortunately such an opportunity has presented itself to me in the form of going to Taupo to hang out with, oh yes, a bunch of teenagers. R@d?

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