I had early morning (i.e. 10am) coffee with a few members of the MCC. It was good socialising with them, because there never seemed to be much time to do at during the course. On the last day of the course I gave everyone a copy of my zine, so there was a bit of feedback on that. I like how everyone who’s read it and talked to be about it seems to like different things. One of the MCC fellows liked the backwards writing because he’s dyslexic and it somehow makes it easy for him to read.

After that I wandered into the city and ended up running into Murray, so I had lunch with him. I forgot how much fun he is. Actually, I feel the need to note the the chicken in the chicken and vegetables I got from the Chinese place reminded me of the flesh gun in “Existenz”. Ya, so Murray revealed that Ryan was in town and was possibly having a shindig tonight.

After lunch I wandered along Queen Street and had a ramble through Smith and Caughey. The ladies toilets have been magnificently revamped. It’s very, very classy now. The eating establishment on the second floor is now a restaurant. It was previously a cafe, and prior to that, tearooms. I like the tearooms style the best because it had this really cool late ’60s decor, including a really neat booth design (excellent for evesdropping, according to my mum who, it should be added, has stolen teaspoons from the S&C tearooms). Then in the late ’80s (I think) all the booths were ripped out and replaced with lots of tables. Increased seating, I’m sure, but diminished atmosphere. Now it’s all very dark and stylish. But I didn’t eat there, it just didn’t seem nice.

I amused myself by checking the Armani section. I found a leather jacket that cost about as much as I paid for my car. That’s all very well, but I think my car is more useful and I’d have much more fun in my car than in a diarrhoea-brown leather jacket.

So indeed young Ryan was having a shindig. I showed up to that cafe place on High Street and there was a big old table full of various assorted people. Dylz was there, and so was his new girlfriend, who he met on a dating web site. At one stage Dylz was getting very excited describing one of those vegetable cutting demonstrations at the Easter show, and how it made him want to buy one. I asked him if he was gay, because surely a real man would have a hearty knife set (right, DRZA?). Then this lead to a hysterical sequence of such scenarios as a macho aggro bloke coming home from the pub and being like “julienne me some carrots, bitch.”

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