A good show

The WBC played at Cafe 223 tonight. It was a bloody good show for three particular reasons.

1. The venue was comfortably full.
Cafe 223’s upstairs room is smaller than the King’s Arse, but bigger than the Temple. By the time the WBC started playing the room had filled with a selection of punk arses, rock boys and girls, and a few old drunks who’d wandered in off the street. It’s really cool that the WBC is getting so popular that it can be the only band playing and get an audience that size.

2. Good sound.
Really nice and clear. The mix was good, and vocals were clear. It was maybe a little bit too loud, but the clarity made up for that. I think the new stage at the King’s Arse and also Aqua Velvet (in Raggiz) are the only other venues where I’ve experienced such excellent sound.

3. New songs.
Yes, finally, teh w00da have added two new songs to their set list. They dropped the usual intro and started right with a song. The first new song, which I think was called “Uncle Benny” was slower, but I liked it. The other one, which I think was “Trial and Error” should have been faster. It had a middle section that seemed a bit empty, but there’s great potential for a really kick-arse song. “A Message To You Rudie” was there, along with all the usual songs. I really liked “Substance” tonight. St00 says he turned up the volume of the distortion on his guitar, and I think it worked because the song had an extra kick to it. It went off, mate.

I was in Magazino today and I noticed that Bust, my favourite magazine in the whole world, was in the gay section. Ok, Bust is more lesbian/bi friendly than your average women’s magazine, but it’s not a gay themed magazine. In every issue there’s a porno story called the “One Handed Read” (ha ha). I doubt a lesbian magazine would have “the hard ridge of his penis” in an erotic story, y’know. But there Bust was, sitting next to all the couple of lesbian magazine, and the many gay men’s magazines. It’s got a little in common with both of those types of publications, but more in common with such women’s magazines as Jane, which was sitting in the women’s magazine section on the side wall.

I was looking through some ICQ logs and discovered that a few weeks ago I’d used the word “riddum” in serious conversation. Ok, cool.

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