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Yesterday st00 said:

in your next post i order you to explain your hatred for NZ music month so that i may have some new reasons for not supporting fantasticly choice #1 two thumbs up new zealand music month

And I will oblige.

“What are you doing for NZ Music Month,” asks the official NZ Music Month web site. “Nothing,” replies Robyn.

It’s not even May and I’m sick of NZ Music Month already.

This is what happens. There’s a month of wankery. TV presenters, journalists and radio DJs tell us over and over how great New Zealand music is. How really, really great. How bloody lucky we are to come from a country that is making such great music. How TheDatsunAndTheDFour are doing so well overseas. How Pacifier are… well, at least they’re having a go.

During NZ Music Month good bands play good gigs and are celebrated because they are making great New Zealand Music. Shitty bands play shitty gigs and are also celebrated because they are making great New Zealand Music.

That guy who makes boring, uninspired music videos for bands who don’t know what to do with their NZonAir grant gets respect and admiration for being involved with NZ music. That crap band that got signed to a semi-major label after only having written a handful of songs gets enthusiastically talked about because, hey, they are a NZ band.

The aforementioned media people tell us to support NZ Music. They don’t say why. They don’t say what you should do if you don’t feel like listening to any New Zealand artists at the moment. They don’t say that it’s ok to see an overseas band play instead of a local band. They don’t say that it’s ok to like that American pop singer because there just hasn’t been a sexy, talented New Zealand pop singer of the same quality as the American one. All that say is that New Zealand music is great and that you should support it.

And then June comes along, but before NZ Music Month ends, two people have to say something like this:

“Oh hey, just because NZ Music Month is over doesn’t mean you should stop listen to NZ music!”
“Yeah, really every month is NZ Music Month! So go out and support NZ Music!”

I like good music. I don’t like bad music. My problem is that NZ Music Month takes both the good and the bad and celebrates them equally like an over-enthusiastic cheerleader. There’s no quality control (and how exactly would you decide who gets included in “Good NZ Music Month”?).

I don’t really care what nation music comes from. I just like good music.

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