Dawn can decide

I went to the Otara Fleamarket today. There were no fleas. There were, however, lots of stands with people selling t-shirts with designs that were all about Maori and Polynesian pride, man. I noted some of the best:

274 Carats
Platinum Edition

274 refers to the first three numbers of most phone numbers around Otara. So the idea is that Otara is so blingy that it’s 274 carats worth of diamond.

Property of
County Jail
Cell Block

And here’s me thinking that Samoa was a country.


Is Samoa a county in Maori state?

While I was down that end of the city, I ventured over to Westfield Manukau. The Farmers there stocks a range of casual clothing created by King Kapisi. The t-shirts and hoodies in the range are like a sanitised version of the ones at the Otara Fleamarket. There’s nothing controversial, nothing like the t-shirts that humorously embrace Samoa’s violent culture (“Jandalous: The fine line between fashion and discipline.), just cool images with words like “Overstayer” or “Samoa”.

Of course, I doubt that Farmers would be ok with stocking some of the sorts of t-shirts on sale at the fleamarket. If they were, then maybe King Kapisi would have included a t-shirt in his range with a message like this:

State University
Cell Block

I went to the BRAS BRAS BRAS sale. I bought a bra. I also bought some pantyhose. This is not because I wear pantyhose, but because it was cheap. What?

I was also in a minor fender fender type car crash. My insurance company kick arse. I rang them at about 10.30 pm and they got it all underway. No paperwork!

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