Cinco de Mayo

1. Today I took my clothes to the laundry and the lady was like “today I close at two. Ok?” So I went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of milk and came back before 2.00 to pick up my washing.

2. Later I took my car out to the insurance assessment place. There’s almost $900 worth of repairs to be done on such a tiny little corner of the car. Then I dropped the car off at my local panel beaters. I’ll be walking and bussing this week.

3. Then I watched Big Brother. It’s actually more fun checking out all the web sites and forums and figuring out what’s happening right now than waiting for the shows to reach TV in here. The daily recap shows are screening stuff that’s about two days old by the time it reaches New Zealand.

4. Also, TV1 has sudden got really good. I don’t know if it’s the charter thing taking effect, but the first time every I think TV1 is cool and smart and interesting.

5. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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