I got a hepatitis b vaccination today. When I was at high school there were free vaccinations offered (“Hep B Won’t Get Me!”). I didn’t get it then because only the dorky kids were getting them. I remember asking one of my dorky friends what it felt like. She said the needle hurt when it went in, and she could feel this burning sensation as the vaccine travelled down her arm. That was enough to totally put me off getting it.

But today when the doctor stuck the needle in my arm I felt nothing. When she pressed the plunger down on the syringe, slowly releasing the vaccine into my body, I felt nothing at all. If I hadn’t been looking at the needle in my arm, I wouldn’t have known it was actually happening. All that’s left is a tiny pink dot where the needle went in.

I was thinking about how parents try to calm their kids before they get a vaccine shot by saying “it won’t hurt”. Well, if you’ve never had a needle go in your body, why would you be expecting it to hurt. By saying that it won’t hurt brings up the subject of pain and gets the kid thinking about it, when maybe they previously wouldn’t have. Ow!

I vaguely remember getting a bunch of vaccinations when I was about 4. The nurse gave me some Pebbles afterwards but I didn’t know what to do with them, and they just melted in my hand.

The episode of “American Idol” where five became four was screened tonight. I knew already that Trenyce was the one who left, but I didn’t realise that Ruben – not Josh – was the other of the bottom two. The main theory as to why this travesty took place is because a) most of Fox’s target audience are young white people, so they’re going to vote for people like themselves, and b) Josh the marine gets the post-9/11, post-Iraq patriotic American vote. Yeah, the military are voting for Josh, just like they voted for Bush.

If he doesn’t get kicked off the show this week, I’m going to cry. He might be a good idol as an American, but the show isn’t really about finding an American idol, but rather an American pop idol. He’s not – he is simply not – a better singer, performer, or potential pop idol than Ruben, Clay or Kimberley.

Ok, and Big Brother. I like the new way they determine the nominees for eviction. In the past each housemate as nominated the two people they want to leave. One gets two points, the other gets one. Then the top three housemates with the most points are the nominees.

This time round, the housemates voted like that, but they also had to nominate two people they’d like to stay the most, also giving two and one points. The “leave” nominations were totally ignored. Instead the “stay” votes were tallied and the bottom five people became the nominees.

They mostly match with how it would have been if the old system had been used. The notable exception was Vincent. He was nominated to leave by most people in his house, and under the old system he would have been a nominee. But because a couple of people gave him “stay” votes, he avoided being up for eviction. I had an erotic dream about Vincent last night.

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