I want your X

I discovered today that Village Queen Street charge $14 admission all day, every day for “blockbuster” films. So when I went to see “X-Men 2” today I couldn’t get my usual concession for $7. I told the ticket guy I’d wait until it stopped being a blockbuster.

I want to moan about movies costing $14, but compared to overseas prices, that’s cheap. Movie prices seemed to be tied to real estate. If the cinema’s in an expensive building, tickets are more likely to cost more.

Apparently movie tickets in New York are the most expensive prices in America. I think it works out to being about NZ$20(!). When movies like X-Men, Lord of the Rings and the Matrix get an international release on the same day (which actually means that NZ gets to see it first in the world, oooh!), it’s so not worth complaining about $14 for a ticket when the experience you’re getting is just as good as (if not better) than what you’d get in New York, London or Sydney for more money.

I found this $2 tower of lip gloss at Rendalls. It seems to be good enough quality and the colours aren’t crazy old ones. Yay for cheap girly stuff.

Oh yeah, speaking of Rendalls. It looks like the Rendalls on K Road is moving out of the old “Rendalls of Karangahape Road” building and into the old McDonalds building. And it looks very much like a gym will be opening up in the Rendalls building. I’ll miss that Rendalls store because it was big and the downstairs homewares department always had cool stuff in it. I hope that the gym people do good things with the building and don’t do a half-arsed modernising job.

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