I tell people that I haven’t seen “Lord of the Rings 2: The Electric Boogieloo” (or whatever the sequel thing is called) and they act all surprised. I didn’t really enjoy the first movie, so it didn’t excite me enough to make me want to see the next one.

Realistically, I’d rather see a good romantic comedy. Pass the pink.

I’m also not going to be seeing “The Matrix 2” at 12.01 am on whatever day it opens. I saw the first one a few too many times. It stopped being a mind-blowing futuristic adventure and was a really sappy, melodramatic wuv story.

“Bound” was better. “Memento” was better.

My cars still at the panel-beaters and I miss it. The Shrugs played yesterday with their new line-up and I really wanted to drive down to Hammo to see them. I also keep getting urges to get some DVDs out, but then I keep remembering that walking all the way to Ponsonby and back at 10.30 pm on a rainy night is no fun, honey.

“Big Brother Uncut” was on last night. It was like 25 minutes of sexual innuendo, 5 minutes of nudie showering. There was one good bit where the girls in the round house were talking about bums. Leah was complaining about how fat her arse was (it’s not), then Regina said that she’d absolutely hate having a big bum. There was a superb reaction shot of Chrissie. She’s tall and she’s also really fat. She was just sitting there with this look on her face that was about 5% offence and 5% pity and 90% incredulousness. It reminded me of one time in 5th form geography. One of the girls I sat with, who was recovering from anorexia, and was still painfully thing, had thinning hair and that weird downy hair all over her arms, was complaining about how fat she was. No one told her to shut up and stop being so silly, instead they all talked about how fat they were.

Message to teenage girls and former teenage girls: You’re not as fat as you think you are. Seriously.

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