I saw “The Life Of David Gale” with Dylz. We bitched about Village Queen Street’s $14 adult admission price. It wasn’t so long ago (less than a year, surely) that it was $12, then it became $13.

The movie was very nicely filmed, and the acting was good, but the story was shit. It would have made a semi decent murder mystery, but instead it was wrought out into this movie with a message about how wrong the death penalty is. Except it actually makes the anti-death penalty people look like a bunch of insane in the membrane fanatics. The ending was so mundane, so melodramatic I felt ripped off. More than $14 worth of ripped off, too.

Sunday is the day when there are no Big Brother shows on TV in New Zealand. But that doesn’t matter because it’s the same night that the eviction takes place in Australia, so I spent some time flipping between Big Brother web sites before I finally discovered who’d been evicted.

It’s also very exciting because soon the houses will be joined! There’s a joint kitchen at the back of each garden and a joint bathroom between the two bedrooms. It would be cool if real like was like that, if you went to sleep and woke up the next morning to discover a pool in your backyard.

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