Selwyn was hassling me about owing him a movie, so I offered to shout him to see “The Conversation” at the Academy as part of that film festival they’re having. He initially didn’t want to go because a) it was the Academy, complete with the really uncomfortable 1970s seats, and b) it was an old movie. As old as me, actually. But I reminded him that he was getting a free ticket and therefore was in no position to complain. Once we got there he saw a bunch of his classmates from film school, so he pretended that he’d wanted to go all along.

The movie started off being projected in the wrong shape, so everything was stretched out horizontally, but one of the film school nerds ran off and told them to fix it. There was applause once the picture snapped into the right shape.

It was really good seeing “The Conversation” up on a big screen. The print was clean and clear. Sound is really important in the film, however the theatre’s sound volume was just a little bit too loud, but I’m going to overlook that. After the film I did some film nerd stylez by reciting all the trivia I could remember from watching the DVD recently.

In the Big Brother eviction special, Gretel asked Irena what she missed most when she was in the house. Instead of saying her friends and family or coffee or any of the other usual responses, she said she missed driving. I know what that’s like. I got my car back today and it was just really good to get in it and drive. The oil light keeps flickering on and off. I suspect it’s a loose wire, as opposed to a problem with the oil. But it’s really freaky when it flicks on because when I’m driving and I suddenly see a red light, it sparks off a !!!! reaction.

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