When I was in Melbourne a couple of years ago, I got the train to Footscray because I wanted to see if it was a bad-arse as it was in “Romper Stomper”. It turned out to be a lovely bright and sunny day, and Footscray was a really interesting suburb with all sorts of cool Vietnamese shops, and the Footscray Markets.

I was browsing the “Romper Stomper” entry on IMDB when I noticed this in the trivia section:

The opening scene at Footscray station was actually shot at Richmond station. Footscray station has no underground walkway.

Now it all makes sense! “Romper Stomper” shows the dark and gloomy railway station underpass, while Footcray has an foot bridge that goes over the tracks. Yes, it’s the old movie trick. If the location of choice isn’t bad-arse enough, film in other places to up the bad-arseness.

A similar thing happened with “Once Were Warriors”. There’s a scene where the teenage girl goes out walking one night. She starts off in South Auckland and ends up wandering down K Road. How many hours of walking would that take in real life?

But it’s not real life. It’s a movie and if a director has to get a little poetic with locations in order to make a cool film, well I’m not complaining.

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