Pop goes the world

Ruben won “American Idol”. I am very pleased. I gleefully watched the two hour grand finale show. Both Clay and Ruben performed, as did last year’s winner Kelly Clarkson, but when this year’s third place getter, Kimberly Locke, sang “Midnight Train To Georgia” I got goosebumps. I don’t normally get goosebumps.

The first “Popstars” TV show was made in New Zealand. People like to laugh at TrueBliss, but it launched the careers of the five girls. Erika hosts “RTR”, Joe was a presenter on M2, and she also sings in this corporate functions type of singing trio. Carly’s gone solo and is doing pretty well. Kerry and Megan are… I dunno, but I suspect they’re not on the dole or working in retail.

So would it not be the coolest thing to have a “New Zealand Idol” contest? Would it work? Would people accept the idea or would all the punk-arse bitches get all cynical about it and start spouting the same old complaints about manufactured pop? I think it would be fun.

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