In Continent.

I feel like bumming around Europe for a month. Bring back the old days when the only way to get to Europe was a three month boat trip. Back when Europe was “The Continent.” When being “continental” was akin to sophistication, not modern day European cultural icons such as The Cheeky Girls with their “Touch My Bum” song or the Russian singing lesbians which aren’t really very sophisticated at all.

Now, with the European Union and all that, bumming around Europe could just as easily be going to Manchester and doing a Smiths pilgrimage, or going to Ireland to visit the village where you great-great-great-grandfather may or may not once have lived, pass the Guinness, or just doing the general touristy crap in London, or holing yourself up in a historical cottage and browsing antique shops and going on walks in the countryside, and perhaps a minor detour into Paris just to get some real Euro.

But the three month cruise is replaced by the 24 hour plane trip. No shuffle board, just crappy inflight movies (that’s what you’ve got to be concerned about – not the food).

It’s nice here in the antipodes.

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