I want it several ways

I visited the James Joyce Museum today. It was raining and my shoes aren’t waterproof, so by the time I had walked from the train station to the museum, I was squeaking with moisture. The museum itself was ok, but the effort taken to get there didn’t equal the delights of the museum. I should just shut up and read “Ulysses”.

On the way back the train stopped at the Landsdown Road Station which is right next to the Landsdown Road Stadium where Westlife are playing tonight. As the train approached the station I could hear the sound of some fellows singings. As the train got closer I realised that I was listening to Westlife singing an a capella version of the Backstreet Boys’ song “I want it that way”. The vocals were crystal clear and in perfect pitch and harmony. It sounded – and I really do mean this – angelic. It lifted the spirits of the train passengers on this grey and miserable day. The train took off just as the song ended. Brilliant.

Tomorrow I am going to London!

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