El listo

Three things that suck about my hotel:

1. Having a housekeeper person knocking on my door at 8.30 am asking me if I want my room made up. Well I do, but I’d rather have it done when I’ve gone out for the day, not while I’m in the middle of getting up.

2. No hand soap. I’ve asked and they won’t give me any. That’s bullshit, man. So I went to the toilet across the hall and filled up my Burger King drink cup with liquid soap.

3. Someone stole my euro cents! I put a handful of euro cents on the ledge above the sink and sometime in the last two days someone has taken those euros. Like, it would have only been about 20 cents worth, but still, someone stole them!

But apart from that, it’s an ok hotel.

Ok, now I will visit teh Tower.

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