I visited the Tower of London. It was just like a Paddington Bear story I remember reading when I was a wee girl. A Beefeater gave a guided tour and made lots of sexist, but funny jokes.

I saw the crown jewels (ooh!). There’s a conveyer belt that runs along the cases so it keeps the line moving. It’s like Disneyland, except with millions of dollars worth of jewels. It would have been cool if there had been animated heads of former (and present) monarchs wearing their jewels and saying a bit about it. “Hellay. We are the Queen Mother. We like drinking gin. Burp. Ooh!” Yeah, that’d rule. I can’t understand why they don’t do that…

Then I went to the Tower Bridge. It’s an interesting building in that on the inside it’s all steel and hydraulics, finest Victorian technology, but the two towers were clad in gothic styled stone to give it a royale look, fitting in with the near by Tower of London.

Walking back I passed through Leicester Square and saw a growing crowd gathering behind barriers outside a movie theatre. The “Charlie’s Angels” premiere is tonight. I would hang around, but I’m going to see a play (“Hitchcock Blonde”) instead. Besides, it would hardly top the time when my mother was living in London and she saw the stars arriving for the “Goldfinger” premiere. Shirley Bassey had painted one finger gold, and she was waving it at the crowd. Now that’s claaaas.

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