Gay pillow guy

I went to the British Museum and saw Mr Wellcome’s collection of miscellaneous assorted old crap. It was interesting. There was an ancient Roman statue that was a horses back legs and tail, but with a penis at the front. Then I saw the Rosetta stone, a couple of mummies, then I realised that I was actually quite bored. Oh no, museum fatigue!

Then I got a bit lost and ended up in Islington, but managed to find my way to St Paul’s Cathedral. I walked up the 500+ steps to the top and enjoyed the panoramic views of London, etc, etc.

While I was having lunch in the cathedral’s cafe, a German boy, probably about 13 years old, said to me “Can you help me. I am very horny.” All the cool things I could have said (“OMG, me too!!!!!”) soon disappeared and I ended up saying “Oh… I don’t really know what to say.” Urgh, how English. Then his mother came and sat down next to me and I kept looking at him and get was getting all nervous and twitchy. Ah ha ha!

I need a few more days in warm ‘n’ sunny London, but I have to go back to cold and miserable New Zealand tomorrow. Twenty four hour flight, grrr, etc.

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