It’s nice to have people to hang out with in foreign cities. Earlier I met up with Fenny again. I first met him on Monday and – like those interweb stranger danger guides recommend – we met in a well lit public place. But then we went to a cool Japanese restaurant and had noodles and beer. But tonight we walked around the nearby streets, and did a walk-by on Buckingham Palace. Fenny is very cool and he did not sexx0r me, despite rumours to the contrary. Photographic evidence is forthcoming.

Then I (eventually) met up with Ani, the well-travelled divorcee and Nick her special interweb manfriend. It just happens that we were both in London at the same time so we managed to meet up and had a drink at a gay bar.

Tomorrow I will have the pleasure of spending 24 hours on an aeroplane (yeah, yeah, yeah, it sucks, etc). But I’ll deal with it. I have my Walkman and my Girls Aloud CD.

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