I saw “Charlie’s Angels 2”. I was confused by the plot. It assumed too much. I noticed a few shots had been inserted to explain stuff. It also didn’t seem as funny as it should have been. Like, there were jokes and funny scenarios, but hardly anyone laughed.

Oh, the guy sitting next to me laughed. He also said “Oh, what!” often, apparently forgetting that “Charlie’s Angels” is not a docudrama, and does have many scenes that depict events that would not happen in real life.

The Bosley guy made a joke about Johnny Cochran. I laughed, then the guy next to me laughed, and then he explained to his girlfriend who Johnny Cochran was. Oh, and he did two other annoying things. He read aloud words that appeared on the screen and he raised his hand to point at things on the screen.

As I was leaving I heard someone’s dad complaining about how it was a shit film because it was “a bit unreal”. It wasn’t as much fun as the original, but it wasn’t shit.

In the May edition of The Face, the barometer (a hot/not list) includes this on the “up” column:

New Zealand party scene
Like 1988 on the M25. Only in hobbit country.

I’m not sure what that means. I know that 1988 was the summer of love, when house music + ecstasy + young British tourists on holiday in Ibiza = a bold new thing. And the M25 is the motorway that circles London. But how do the two relate? If at all. I’m intrigued. I feel like I’m missing out on something.

In other news, I’m tired, but I refuse to go to bed yet.

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