Tres beau

One evening when I was in France I was channel surfing and I came across a TV show that looked like some sort of talent quest type thing. Various attractive young French people were singing songs and occasionally a message would come up on screen urging people to phone a number or send a text message to vote for their favourite. Something was oddly familiar, but I couldn’t quite work out what it was.

Then I saw the show’s logo: “A la Recherche de la Nouvelle Star” written in white neon on a blue oval. OMG, yes, it was the French version of “Pop Idol” and/or “American Idol”. I watched as Yoann, a Kevin-from-Backstreet-Boys lookalike was cruelly voted out while chubby, girly JeanSebastien stayed in. I also noticed that the audience went totally mental for Jonatan so I figured that he’d be the eventual winner.

Jonatan is like if you got Clay Aiken and made him really good looking and took away his Broadway style and replaced it with real pop star skillz. And indeed Jonatan has kicked some arse and won French Idol.

I will now listen to the French Idol final 10 singing “Let The Sunshine In” in an attempt to bring some warmth into this cold winter day.

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