Nature’s big fluffy blanket

This is where I put my high school education to use.

Q1. Is Yoplait French for yoghurt?
A1. No, the French word for yoghurt is yaourt. Yoplait is a made up word, probably because no one can pronounce yaourt. Also, people who pronounce yoghurt as “yoggit” need to be disciplined. Ditto for people who use the word pottle. Triple smackdown for people who refer to a “pottle of yoggit”.

Q2. How come the sun is shining and there’s a beautiful blue sky but it’s so bloody cold?
A2. Two reasons: 1. It’s winter and the sun is further from this part of the earth so less heat gets here than it would in summer (but you knew that, right?) 2. Clouds act as insulation, trapping heat in. So when there are no clouds the heat the sun produces escapes more easily. Oh man, it’s going to be so cold tonight.

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