Saturday, Tuesday

The Face magazine continues to freak me out. I’d just picked up the August edition (air freighted, from Magazzino, v. good) and was reading the editorial. Editor Neil Stevenson had made a list of “my favourite people this month”. In the middle of it I was shocked to read:

Les Mills
The former New Zealand shot putter who invented Body Pump.

A quick look at the Les Mills web site reveals that it was his son Phillip Mills (OMG, Phil Mills) whose work lead to the creation of Body Pump (quick, put his picture on a dollar note). Les Mills is the man who, as mayor of Dorkland, started what was to become the Britomart fiasco, which in turn lead to the people’s transport centre that is nearing completion. Can we blame him for the ’70s gay disco interior?

Ah, but Orlando Bloom was on the cover, so really, all is forgiven.

I was at St Lukes today and so were about a million other people. I heard a mother calling after her small daughter, “Choose! Choose!” It seemed like a really strange thing for a parent to yell at their kid. “Choose! Tuesday! Come here, Tuesday!”. Oh yes, a parent who’d named their kid Tuesday, or Tues for short.

She shares this name with actress Tuesday Weld (real name Susan) and Tuesday Roberts-Warner, the lovechild of Carmen and Guy on Shortland Street. Lucky her – at school she’ll be surrounded by dozens of Madisons, Tylers, Rubys and Connors, but I bet she’ll be the only Tuesday.

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