Extreme DIY

My pectoral muscles hurt. It’s strange sensation because I don’t normally think of there being any muscles on my chest.

Yesterday I went to my old gym for the first time in two years. Since I left they moved into a new building. The old one had treadmills, bikes etc, circuit weight machines and various other weights. The new one has all that plus a pool, sauna, hot pool, steam room and an exercise room for stuff like Pilates. Thankfully there are no TVs or the kind of freaky maniacal aerobics classes that places like Les Mills have.

A friend of mine also went to the same gym as me. We used to email each other with the membership numbers of famous people whose workout cards we’d found in the card boxes. I was pleased that I was on heavier weights than a popular newsreader. Our former boss also went to that gym and my friend added a note on his hard under the injuries section saying that he’d suffered a rectal strain.

Ah, those were the good old days. Of course now my strength and fitness ain’t what it used to be. I want to be a lean, mean, LiveJournalling machine. Actually, I’d settle for human rather than machine.

Oh, it was horrible last night. The power supply for my computer stopped working! Arrgh! So once the battery was used up I didn’t know what to do with my evening. I watched TV but it felt so empty.

That reminds me, I should write something about “Extreme Makeover” which is now my new favourite TV show.

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