Thoughtful Thursday

I dug out my old card from when I went to the gym two years ago. On some equipment I was lifting 100 lbs more than I’m doing now. I had no idea I was that strong back then.

I saw “View From The Top”, the Gwyneth comedy about an air hostess. It was silly and funny and also had a nice kind of “go for your dreams!!!” message, but then at the end it got all romantic and ended on a very unsatisfying note.

At the end of the film there were amusing outtakes, including one curious scene were Ms Paltrow and Mike Myers were instead of saying “bullshit” (which is how the dialogue appeared in the proper film), they both said “bull s”. Why? Was there some sort of niceness clause in someone’s contract? Were the curse words dubbed in later? Hmmm…

Two trailers before the film got me excited. The first was for “Down with Love”. I saw it on the plane from London to Bangkok (I think… It’s all a blur). Even though it was on the crappy inflight video screen, with people continually walking in front of it, and even though it was the lite airline edit of the film, I still really enjoyed it. Really cool, witty, stylish romantic comedies are rare.

The other trailer was for “Freaky Friday”. OMG yes, it’s been remade. Jamie Lee Curtis is the mom and some red head girl is Annabel. This excites me because when I was ten years old the 1976 “Freaky Friday” was my favourite movie in the world, ever. Jodie Foster was so incredibly cool as Annabel and Barbara Harris kicked arse as Mrs Andrews. One of my prized possession is a paperback copy of the book, complete with Ms Foster on the cover. The book is better than the movie (no dorky Disney ending), and I have the first paragraph permanently seared in my memory.

The new “Freaky Friday” looks like it’s a totally new story. Rather than the mind swap just happening of its own accord, instead it’s the result of some magical fortune cookie or something dumb like that. The 2003 Annabel looks like Avril Lavigne and she’s in a rock band. The mom is divorced and is going to marry some guy that Annabel doesn’t like. Damn, I liked it better when the mom was a velvet pants suit wearing housewife. But I’m excited. Obviously, it will be nowhere near as cool as the original “Freaky Friday” was for me when I was ten, but I’ll see it anyway.

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