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I was heading down Queen Street to catch a bus home when I stumbled across the official opening ceremony of the Britomart centre. There was a rented tent with a bunch of men in suits milling about under it. One of those bango/double bass/trumpet bands (what’s that genre called?) were standing about 30 metres away from the tent and playing music.

Further behind them was a temporary fence keeping the general public away from the un-festive festivities. It had the strange effect of making the tent o’ suits look like some sort of strange anthropological exhibit.

The WBC had their video launch gig at their old stomping ground, the Safari Lounge. The crowd there was (and this is based on my highly unscientific calculations) was about one third rugbyhead (watching a game on the TVs, one third drunken hobag/munter regulars and one third w00da fans.

It was their first show with their new trumpet player. He’s cool and has some wikkid punk stylez. The best moment was during “Thick ‘n’ Thin” when the microphone cut out during the chorus, so no one could hear Matiu sing it. But it didn’t matter because all around me I heard people singing along. After the gig I was talking to st00 about it and he said it was like being in U2. Except without the whole saving the world bit, I’d imagine.

Tired/drunk/v. relaxed

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