One year Dylzno scammed a press pass to the comedy festival, so we went to a whole lot of shows. I always made him sit in the front show, and he usually ended up being picked on by the comedians. But then during Brendhan Lovegrove’s show the bald gap-toothed comedian somehow ended up sitting in an empty seat next to me and turned to me and said, “you’re rool pretty.” Oh, how I blushed and/or scowled.

I often think back to that evening and wonder what comedic endeavour Mr Lovegrove is up to now. My question was answered as I was browsing The Guardian‘s web site. Brendhan Lovegrove is the comedy writing partner of Aaron Barschak, the “unfunny comedy terrorist” who gatecrashed Prince William’s 21st dressed as Osama bin Laden.

Brendhan – who befriended Barschak before the royal hoo-ha – is helping him flesh out his 15 minute show into an hour-long show for the Edinburgh festival.

Aaron and Brendhan work off each other for a while. Aaron has rewritten the words to Ballroom Blitz, by the Sweet, and they debate whether to include it in the show: “And Aaron Barschak says Comedy Hijack./It’ll turn into a Windsor Blitz./And the It-Girl in the corner says,/’Boy I got to warn ya,/It’ll turn into a Windsor Blitz./Windsor Blitz.’ ”

Brendhan laughs and claps his hands in delight. “It’s brilliant,” he says.

If only I were in Scotland.

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