Toot toot

On Saturday morning at around 3.30 am, I had the following text message exchange with DRZA:

DRZA: Omg its teh r kelly wot a rapist
Robyn: He wants to stick his key in your ignition, baby.
DRZA: Omfg no
Robyn: Toot toot. Beep beep.
DRZA: Haha im so drunk

Then about 12 hours later I got the following IRC message from st00:

I eagerly tuned in and the first video I saw was R Kelly’s “Ignition Remix”. And – oh, I can’t believe this is happening. It’s just started playing again.

Yeah, so Juice TV is going free to air on its UHF frequency, which seems to be Auckland only. I think it’s fair to guess that this is to pre-empt TV4’s upcoming transformation into a music channel.

Juice has never quite satisfied me. The presenters are either really good or breathtakingly shit. The playlist seems to be sort of based on what’s in the charts and what’s popular, but there’s a tendency for crap songs from bad artists to get high rotation. But then where else would I see the video for that song by the ex-Mr Shannon Doherty? The Juice studio sets have always looked crap, like someone’s cleared away a corner of the office, dragged the reception couch over, put up a few posters and made that the studio. I think they’ve got rid of the rented pot plants. Well, I hope they have.

I’m glad that Juice has come along. I was getting hooked on infomercials.

I went along to the King’s Arse and saw Marystaple and Soda. Autozamm were also on the bill, but I missed them.

Marystaple had some great, loud, obnoxious songs. Unfortunately due to the singer/guitarist’s tendency to bash his guitar and mic around, they sounded bad. Vocals and guitars would randomly cut out. If you’re making a video, it’s cool to jump around and smack your equipment up because it looks really rock. Or if you’re a big rock band and can afford a new guitar every night, then yeah, throw it to the floor. But if you’re just a little band who uses the same equipment every show, then if you throw your guitar around, it will sound bad. And the audience will never quite get into your band.

I’d not seen Soda before. They had great stage presence. All their guitars worked. However, their songs were a bit boring. There seemed to be a whole lot of slower ones. It doesn’t quite work having a band like that following bands like Autozamm and Marystaple. Their last song, “Falling Faster”, was lively and fairly rockin’, but by then it was too late. The audience had thinned out.

Oh yes, st00 is filling in as Soda’s guitarist. He didn’t want to be mistaken for an emo ho (and he so has an emo haircut), so he wore a Megadeth t-shirt. He also sang backing vocals, which was really exciting. I was like “OMG! st00 can sing! He harmonises!”

So now I will sit back and wait for “Ignition Remix” to be played again.

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