Required reading

I’ve been to three New Zealand tertiary institutes. I completed the first year of a bachelor of media arts at Waikato Polytech, then half of the first semester of the second year before I realised that film and television production was not my forte.

I then moved onto Waikato University and enrolled in three papers, one one popular music, one on basic computer skills and another on media criticism. I passed the first two, but got bored with the third one and didn’t sit the exam.

Next I moved to Auckland and started doing linguistics at Auckland University, but I soon realised that linguistics was really boring and not worth three years of my life.

Three strikes and I was out. I put my university life behind me and joined the workforce.

A couple of nights ago st00 excitedly informed me that his girlfriend was studying me at university. At first I thought she had chosen me as a case study, but no, I am required reading for students at Auckland University doing a second year English paper on autobiography.

I went along to the English department office today and paid $5 for the photocopied book full of autobiographical pieces of writing from various literary women. As well as Virginia Wolfe, Janet Frame, Maya Angelou and others, there’s some stuff I’ve written on my web site. The “About” page, “Ja Rule” and “A Play” have been reproduced for the students to read.

st00’s girlfriend says that there will be a lecture that looks at my writing. If the class isn’t too small, I might sneak in and take notes. I think there may also be students writing essays on me at a later stage.

It’s really cool but also feels really strange. But I think that being studied at a university pretty much cements my place as a non-graduate. I could never go back now.

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