Ready to roll

There’s an ad I’ve seen a few times for a cheap-arse compilation CD called “Music, Music, Music”. It’s filled with hits songs from that time after World War II and before rock ‘n’ roll. In fact, the ad’s voice over says something like, “before there was rock ‘n’ roll there were song like…” and “How much is that doggy in the window?” is played.

But watching that ad and seeing all the cute novelty songs that had filled the charts in those years made me get down on my knees and thank God for rock ‘n’ roll.

I remember asking my parents if they were into disco music in the ’70s. They reacted with shock and horror, like I’d asked them if they partook in bi-weekly coffee enemas. “Oh no,” my mother exclaimed. “Disco music is modern.”

My parents listen to classical music. I think my mother listens to it because she genuinely likes it (she does the classical music show on Raglan Community Radio, yo), but I think my dad likes classical music more because he thinks he should listen to it, not because he actually likes it. He’s truer when he puts the Simon and Garfunkel greatest hits CD on.

So I grew up in a quiet house. Apart from the half hour of music videos provided by “Ready To Roll” every Saturday at 6.00 pm, I didn’t have much pop in my life. But then in mid-1985 I bought Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” on tape and everything changed.

Well, that’s the short version.

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