I was reading an article in one of those weekly gossip mags about the excesses of Jennifer Lopez’s lifestyle. Among the tally was the $10,000 she supposedly pays to have her eyebrows plucked, or rather shaped.

I refuse to believe that. I totally refuse to believe that anyone would pay $10,000 to have their eyebrows plucked or that anyone would charge that much for their services. The one time I had my eyebrows done at a beauty spa, it was a $80, and that included a half-leg wax.

I just find it easier to do it myself with a good pair of tweezers ($7.95) and a hand mirror ($1.95). Although, it did take me a few years to get the hang of it. There were several years when I had lopsided eyebrows, and to this day my left eye is easier to do than my right one. Ok, sometimes I get carried away and look like a drag queen, but most of the time my eyebrows rule.

Oh, here’s a beauty hint: if you have an eyebrow piercing, take it out before you turn 25 or it will cause your eyebrow to droop. This looks cool if you’re a pirate, or a crazy old guy, but not if you want to be a sexy chick in your 30s.

I dyed my hair today. I was trying to go for a trashy rock whore blonde, but ended up with more of a suburban wedding blonde. It looks really nice, but nice is not what I was going for. I’m going to have to kiss goodbye the regular selection of hair dyes and instead move onto the top shelf, yes, the special blonde range. The stuff that makes your scalp burn baby, burn.

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