Occidental tourist

My friend Mike’s birthday is on Thursday. Yes, Thursday, September 11. Things used to be sweet for him. He’d say, “it’s my birthday on September 11!” and people would say, “yay! Happy birthday!” But now when he says it the reaction is more likely to be “oh, I’m so sorry.”

To help him deal with this unfortunately coincidence (and to attend his gay birthday picnic), I’m going down to Wellington this weekend. I got a superbly cheap flight with Qantas – what I paid would only have got me one way with Air New Zealand. Damn, cos I really wanted to get Air NZ Air Points.

In other news, I found English Marmite at the supermarket. It’s called Our Mate, and it tastes deliciously horrible. It’s like the typical Marmite available in New Zealand, but has no sugar in it, so it’s got more of a hardcore savoury flavour. It’s also strangely addicted, like Burger Rings are.

I was in Whitcoulls today and I saw “The Lettering Book”. When I was at primary and intermediate school, this was all but compulsory for making titles for projects. Yes, I remember tracing over the various fonts in the book, including that really big one that was good for making posters. As well as all fonts there were variously hand-drawn words and symbols, but they never looked anywhere near as cool as the big, solid fonts. “The Lettering Book” was helpful up to a point, but then there came the a point where my fourth form high school English teacher said that all she require in a heading was the name of the essay written in capital letters, and that she wouldn’t be giving extra points for fancy, multi-coloured headings or drawings of flowers in the margins.

What goes on now? Are school projects presented with computer fonts and clipart? Or are there 12 year old girls still getting their felt-tip pens out and carefully tracing around the edges of that big poster font?

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