Wellington, represent

I’m in Wellington, and things aren’t going according to plan, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

The flight here was excellent. The inflight snack involved hummus, which was very pleasing. The plane flew over Mt Taranaki, so it was really cool seeing the almost perfect cone shape topped in snow.

I arrived at my friend Mike’s place ok. His flatmate was going to be away that night, so Mike told me I could sleep in his room. Ok, cool. Except it wasn’t cool with his flatmate. He arrived back today, walked in and discovered me in my pyjamas reading in his bed.

He’s a gay guy who doesn’t just like men, but really doesn’t like women, so finding a vagina in his bed was extremely disgusting for him. He was nice to me about it, making it seem that, y’know, it wasn’t my fault, but his punishment for Mike was declaring that I couldn’t stay there anymore. I’m not sure how this punishes Mike, but it certainly was inconvenient to discover at 9.30 pm that I had to find somewhere else to stay until I leave on Monday. I have no other Wellington posse, so I had to check into a hotel. And here I am.

But other than that little piece of drama (and to be honest, sleeping in a hotel is more comfortable than sleeping on two couch cushions on an unheated lounge room floor, but it’s a shame about the price), I have been having a good time.

I discovered the joys of the Regent Cinema. Big, padded recliner chairs “free” popcorn and drinks, and that excellent feature where you can order food and have it delivered during the movie. It seems right to be having an ice cream sundae in the middle of a film. We saw “Finding Nemo,” and it was fun.

I should also note that it was very funny watching “Space” last night and seeing Jo and Phil, having only just learned the news of Johnny Cash’s death, quickly dedicate the next video, The Datsuns’ “Motherfucker From Hell” to him, only to realise afterwards that maybe it perhaps wasn’t the best song to dedicate to him.

Ok, I’m feeling better now, stuck between a vending machine and a bunch of drunk guys boozing away their travel allowance.

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