I was walking home along the Symonds Street motorway overbridge. It started to rain, first little droplets, then big, fast, heavy rainfall. It was interesting seeing the number of people who stopped and crossed over to the other side of Symonds Street and caught a bus. That’s what I did too.

Earlier I noticed some very cool police action at the K Road/Pitt Street/Mercury Lane intersection. There was one cop standing up the top. Whenever a car would violate the intersection blocking rule, he’d walk over and give the driver the branding words, or take down license plate numbers if the car got away. Also, whenever a vehicle travelling from Pitt Street to Mercury Lane tried to speed through an orange light, but ended up running a red, the cop would radio through to another cop parked down Mercury Lane a bit, and he’d get the offending vehicle to pull over. I was crossing over Mercury Lane on a green man when a red van shot through. It was pleasing seeing the cop make him stop.

Even earlier I met up with Chris Foggynotion. It was very cool meeting him. I still have this idea that everyone on the internet is a huge loser geek with bad hygiene and no social skills, so whenever I meet someone of the net who turns out to be the complete opposite of that, it’s a pleasant surprise.

iseeparisOk, here’s something fun. Remember when I posted the pic of me in Paris? And Yesmum commented that “‘Robyn in Paris’ is the new ‘Man standing on top of the World Trade Centre with a Plane in the Background’.” Well, one of my interweb friends also picked up on that and got busy with Photoshop.

The Independence Day attack.
The WTC guy
A mysterious UFO.
The WTC guy’s plane.

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