Dot dot dot

I met up with another of my LJ bitches, Gareth, because he wanted to borrow my MC OJ and the Rhythm Slave CD to assist him with research for the book he’s writing. I was very happy to be able to assist.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be going to Newcastle, Australia for the National Young Writers Festival. I’m going to be speaking on a panel about the dole. I will be making the audience envious with tales of the New Zealand PACE artists dole programme. The panel threatens to finish with a conga line through the Centrelink office.

I’m also going to be performing something at a cafe. I have ten minutes to fill. I don’t know what I’m going to do. If I get stuck I’ll just read the Ja Rule thing, or some of Doreen McKay’s erotic fiction.

I’ve also managed to scam a couple of days in Sydney. It’s such a dirty whore of a city, but that’s my favourite kind of city.

I’ve decided that I’d quite like to go to the bNet Awards this year. The only problem being that it’s tomorrow and I don’t have a ticket, nor do I think I can afford one. Free ticket, pls. But then, the Shrugs and the Hollow Grinders are playing at Eden Bar on K Road with no admission charge, apparently, so I’d be happy to toodle along to that if my bNet blagging skillz fail me (which they probably will).

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