Shrugs, not drugs

I tried making Thai chicken green curry (or something involving the words curry, green, chicken and Thai), but it didn’t quite work out. At least it wasn’t like the one that the Thai place in Mercury Plaza does. There was something in the curry paste that made me cough. Dammit, all I was trying to do was cook some delicious ethnic food, and instead I created a health risk.

I didn’t manage to scam a ticket to the bNet awards, but, like, I don’t care. I don’t know who was awarded what, but probably all the Auckland bands won, except in the downbeat category, and then a Wellington band will have won that.

Instead I went to Edens Bar and saw Assassin, The Shrugs and the Hollow Grinders.

Edens Bar is downstairs from the Vegas strip club. This maybe would give it some kind of sleazy rock cred, except for the fact that it’s been kitted out as a Korean karaoke bar, which is very un-rock. Ok, maybe a little rock. Oh, there was one of those energy saver light bulbs in the ladies toilets. It was saving so much energy that it didn’t actually emit enough light to light up the toilet cubicles. Ever tried to pee in the dark? It’s tricky.

Assassin are one of those rock ‘n’ roll bands that the kids and/or the music press are so into at the moment. They started off with a rip-roaring tune that got a few people jiggling, but their set soon devolved into a long sonic masturbation session that didn’t even have the courtesy of giving the audience a reach-around (that metaphor doesn’t work, I know, shut up, I like it).

This was the first time I’d seen the new Shrugs line up. The angry young man rhythm section had been replaced by a kinder, gentler couple. They can still rock out when necessary, but there’s also a kind of sensuality and tenderness that the olde Shrugs didn’t have. “Mustang song” was great. Oh, and Geoff Shrugs gave me a copy of the Shrugs new CD “The Doggler Effect”. It’s pretty much a collection of all the singles they’ve released over the past few years. It has all my favourites, so I’m happy.

The Grinders ruled. They did a solid, very fun set. There was one song in particular that was as great as “Mustang Song”. I can’t remember what it was called, but for posterity I shall note that it was about four or five songs into the set and Otis played lead guitar on it. Later on I found myself thinking impure groupie-style thoughts. That’s what rock is all about, I think.

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