Keeping the English language alive

I was bored, doing a search for my web site and found a mention of it on the Oxford English Dictionary’s website.

Also during 2002, and largely unnoticed, the OED itself has begun to include quotations found on the Web as evidence in its entries. The first batch of such entries, published in June, included quotations from web sites such as (for the rare word miserabilistic), and newsgroups such as sci.chem (for miscoloration ). While of course there are cases where a word’s first known occurrence is in an online source, the Web has also proved useful as a source of evidence that words which have not been found in conventionally published sources are in fact still in use: for example, both miscoloration and miserabilistic would have required an ‘obsolete’ label were it not for these postdatings from the Web.

Yes, it’s true. If it weren’t for my use of miserabilistic (to refer to Morrissey, of course), then the OED would have put in a little note to indicate that it was obsolete. I feel like I’ve helped save an endangered species.

This has got me thinking. Maybe I could go through my copy of the OED and pick out some obsolete words and start using them to see if they’ll get taken off the obsolete list.

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