The bee and the spider

I was about to take a shower today when I noticed a bumble bee was hanging out on a hand towel by the corner of the bath. I didn’t want to run the risk of the bee stinging me on my arse when I was on the shower, so I knew that the bee had to be exterminated.

It seemed very groggy and was doing a really lazy buzz, possibly because it was dying. I picked up the hand towel and tried to shake the bee off it into the toilet, but the bee was hanging on. A spider who had also been hanging out in the environs of the towel fell off and into the toilet. I wiggled the towel more, and eventually the bee fell into the toilet.

I flushed the toilet and the bee was swept away, but amazingly the spider remained on top of the water. Once the flushing had stopped the spider was left just swimming around. I decided that he’d earned a bit of freedom, so I helped him out and put him back on the towel.

Later when I was in the shower I noticed the spider walk around the edge of the bath to visit me. Bloody pervert spider!

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