My fashion moment

The Face magazine has a regular feature called “My Fashion Moment” where a reasonably styley person supplies a photo of themselves wearing something that defined a kind of fashion moment in their past.

I was trying to think if I had a fashion moment and was almost going to declare that I had no fashion moments, when I remembered this photo:


It was taken in 1991, when I was 16. There are two important elements to this photo.

1. Yes, I am voguing. I jumped on the voguing bandwagon when Malcolm McLaren released his 1989 album “Waltz Darling”. His attempt at mainstreaming voguing didn’t work, and it slunk back into the gay underground, only to be gloriously and triumphantly resurrected the following year when Madonna released her superb dance tune “Vogue”. So there I am, standing in the kitchen, striking a pose.

2. Check out the top I’m wearing. Yes, it’s a hoodie, but more importantly, it’s a baggy hoodie. This was about a year after the Happy Mondays had released “Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches”, which included the song “Loose Fit” and along with frontman Shaun Ryder’s personal style, created the baggy culture. Incorporating elements of rock and rave cultures, baggy fashion had even made it to Glassons. It’s probably also worth noting that that top is the only yellow item of clothing I’ve every voluntarily owned.

So, punk svengali Malcolm McLaren, pop high priestess Madonna and lazy pop poet Shaun Ryder. These three icons have all, in their own special way, helped mould and shape me into the person I am today.

Only, I didn’t actually know that back in 1991.

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