Rock rock rock

Hey, you know how when people write about their dreams in their LiveJournal it’s really boring because essentially it’s just fiction? Yeah, shut up. I had two dreams last night featuring musicians, the boys from Nesian Mystik and Alex James, the bass player from Blur.

In the Nesian Mystik dream I was driving down the road I park my car on, looking for a parking space. I saw a big van filled with guys and parked near them and asked if they were going to be moving soon. I noticed it was Nesian Mystik in the van. They said they would be moving right then. I asked if I could have their parking space. They said it was actually going to be used by someone else. I thanked them and parked my car in the space right in front of them, then went back and told them how much I loved their album. For the record, I have not heard Nesian Mystik’s album.

The Alex James dream was… well, it was exactly the right kind of dream that should be dreamed about Alex James.

The WBC possibly have a new logo. I think it may actually be a prototype, open to refinements. The new logo has: roses, dice, flames, tattoo-style wavy lines, stars, a microphone and the band’s name. Are there enough elements in the logo, or is there room for more? I think a Coop-style devilwoman should be resting her arse on the top of the W.

<stuuu> omg the dice are on fire. thats new
<stuuu> the dice werenty on fire in teh prototypes

I went to the King’s Arse to see the Shrugs play. I got there just as they were playing the final notes in the last song of their set. Dammit. But I was able to pick up the special CD commemorating the evening that included a new track from the Shrugs. Oh, but then when I got it home and tried to play it I discovered that the CD was blank. I took it back and politely yelled at the munter on the door and made him give me a new one. I did stick around to see a bit of the next band, The Feds, but they were very boring so I left.

The rest of my day has been somewhat unrockin’.

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