Newcastle iv

I was going to go to a stencilling workshop yesterday, but ended up going to a hip hop workshops. I did some freestyle MCing. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, but it wasn’t scary, it was just heaps of fun. Most people in the group were non-hip-hoppers, so there was plenty of bad rhyming, but everyone got into it with such enthusiasm that even the bad rhyming got applause.

Then I went to one final panel that seemed like it might be fun because it had “Buffy” in its title, but just ended up being a bunch of people talking about identity politics.

I had a quiet night and ended up watching the live decision show of “Australian Idol”. It seemed so extravagant seeing it both live and the whole one hour show, not the 30 minute cut down version TVNZ shows. It was brilliantly paced with the last two people left on the couch. One of them had done a stunning performance the night before, the other had been lacklustre. The stunning performance ended up getting through to the final three, and then was one of the two to be eliminated. The whole show seemed to have a feeling of real sadness.

Oh, but gladness soon followed. The next show on channel 10 was “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” where a team of five gay guys help a straight guy get his act together. Clothes, decor, food and wine, and the vital art of manscaping (keeping body hair trimmed). It’s such an entertaining and also informative show. I demand that it be shown in New Zealand.

Would “Lesbian Eye for the Straight Chick” work? Probably not.

Ok, I’m off to Sydney soon.

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