I want to write about the zine fair, but at the moment I’m distracted by the dripping noises coming from the ceiling. Earlier today I heard what sounded like one or two people up on the roof. I don’t know who they were or what they were doing, but it looks like some of the roof tiles have been damaged and now rain is leaking in and dripping onto the ceiling. Now it’s just started raining heavily, and the dripping has increased. Quelle pain in the arse!

This is an old building – at least 70 years old. Stuff breaks from time to time. I know my landlord is reluctant to spend huge amounts of money on the building, but he does get stuff fixed when it breaks. But every few months I think about moving somewhere newer and cheaper. I’ve even considered moving back to dirty old Hamilton because that would be cheaper.

Uh oh… I can hear the sound of water splashing in water, meaning that a pool is forming. Ok, my iBook is going to sleep with me tonight.

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