Ah… much better

I needed some non-writing time. I was overcome with a strong urge to not write anything, so I just rode it out, and here I am.

I just saw three old members of Supergroove being interviewed on C4. I was never a huge fan of Supergroove, mainly because the band’s average age was always my age, and so they just seemed like a bunch of dorky guys my own age playing dorky songs in a dorky band. It pained me that no one else could see that they were just Red Hot Chili Peppers wannabes. But somehow they ended up being hugely popular. I know people in bands today who have been hugely influenced by Supergroove.

But there they were, in the start C4 studio, being interviewed by Jaquie Brown. They were all grown up, pushing 30, going bald. Karl was still a huge dork. He was reminiscing about filming the “Scorpio Girls” video. Apparently the videos producer got a van full of schoolgirls to appear in it. But instead of being like “Yeah! A van full of schoolgirls! Woohoo!”, he seemed to be disturbed and troubled by the memory. But later, when Jaquie asked them what they were doing at the moment, he revealed that he was working on his masters thesis. Ok, maybe that explains it.

At the end of the interview it was revealed that there was a two CD greatest hits CD out soon. One CD is the greatest hits, the other CD is remixes. I suspect that it might actually be cheaper to buy the entire back catalogue second hand from Real Groovy than shelling out for the new CD.

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