Spell check

I was walking across Grafton Bridge today and saw the saddest piece of graffiti:

Go home Aisasns. Fuck off

And further down was another failed attempt at spelling “Asians”.

I’d be really embarrassed if that were me. I mean, if you’re going to go to the trouble of spraying graffiti about something that you (apparently) feel very strongly about, then at least get the spelling right.

I hope all the Asians who walked past and saw it had a good laugh.

And it got me thinking. If all the Asians living in Auckland suddenly left, the downtown area would feel really empty. The streets would have significantly less people walking down them, shops would be empty and Queen Street would probably end up feeling like ghost town after 6pm.

I hope the only homes Auckland’s Asian population will be fucking off to are their Auckland ones.

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