The centuries that taste forgot

I came up with this in one of the discussion forums. It’s about how we tend to look back at the bad old and good old days. Stuff goes in and out of fashion, then comes back in again. And really, how many decades “that taste forgot” can we get away with having?

Here’s the template. Apply it to any year.

10 years ago – too recent to have many fond or negative feelings about.
20 years ago – horribly embarrassing. “The decade taste forgot”.
30 years ago – new appreciation for the styles previously laughed at.
40 years ago – a golden age of innovation and style.
50 years ago – groundbreaking creative period, the likes of which may never be seen again

Update – August 2015

I didn’t know it at the time, but this is basically Laver’s Law, a theory of the cycles of fashion that English art historian James Laver created in 1937. His is stages are much more insightful than mine.

10 years before its time – Indecent
5 years before its time – Shamless
1 year before its time – Outré
‘Current Fashion’ – Smart
1 year after its time – Dowdy
10 years after its time – Hideous
20 years after its time – Ridiculous
30 years after its time – Amusing
50 years after its time – Quaint
70 years after its time – Charming
100 years after its time – Romantic
150 years after its time – Beautiful

Besides, I wrote that original post 12 years ago so therefore it is now hideous.

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