Saints alive!

Ok, it’s late but let’s see if I can write this and still make sense.

Oh, first I have to mention that I was feeling really crappy earlier today and ended up seeing “Runaway Jury”. It is to John Grisham movies what “Live and Let Die” was to James Bond movies. Actually, no it’s not, but I liked the little voodoo bit at the beginning. Really it was the John Cusack Grisham. I enjoyed it, though the ending was a little bit moralistic.

I saw the Tokey Tones at the Classic. It reminded me of the last time I was at the Classic and I saw a certain comedian (who has previously been mentioned in here) taking a piss in the men’s toilet with the door open. Then he turned around and saw me walking past. Yuck. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

But the Tokey Tones were not yuck. They were really lovely. They reminded me of the Hamilton Wendyhouse gigs I saw back in the day, where the audience would sit cross legged on the floor because they weren’t really a standing up band. The Tokey Tones aren’t a standing up band either. They require a comfortable seat, a good drink and a few mates.

A few times I felt a strong urge for some feedback and distortion, and thankfully my wish came true with just enough added on one song to please me. The best song of the evening was “The Beach” which seemed to draw the entire audience in with its moody imagery and ambience.

After the performance I chatted with Foggynotion and Twoswords and was introduced to various people making up the lovingly and creatively incestuous community that was out that night.

Also, there were youths letting off fireworks in Myers Park! This is dangerous! It might set someone’s bag of paint on fire!

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