I saw “Kill Bill” today. Unlike the trailer for “Pulp Fiction” which, when I first saw it in 1995 was incredibly cool, thrilling and exciting, the “Kill Bill” trailer seemed like a mediocre movie made by some recent film school graduate who wanted to make a Tarantino film.

Fortunately the film itself is a million times better than the trailer. The plot: Uma Thurman is shot, spends four years in a coma, recovers, tracks down and kills two members of the gang who turned against her. And that’s it. So obviously the film is not about plot.

What it is about is extravaganza. Expertly executed fight scenes. Limb severings and decapitations that result in a huge, glorious, gushing red fountain of blood to come a-spurtin’ from the body. Fights that take place in beautiful, exotic settings, hey, just like in a video game.

I love the sort of fantasy world “Kill Bill” takes place in. It’s like the real world, but only slightly different. It’s a world where Uma Thurman’s character can take her kick-arse samurai sword onto an aeroplane as carry-on luggage.

I’m also really like how “Kill Bill” has been split up into two smaller films instead of one huge one. Because it’s like, I’ve seen the film, I enjoyed it, and I want more, and, oh cool, in a few month’s time I’ll get some more.

“Kill Bill” is delicious and beautiful and extravagant and thrilling. Pass me my knife, please.

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