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Today I heard on Mai FM that Scribe’s debut album “The Crusader” has gone double platinum. In New Zealand this means sales of over 30,000.

Victoria Beckham was dropped by Virgin records after her debut album sold less than 50,000 copies. Her new single will be a double A-side with one pop and one hip-hop song. Er, perhaps she needs to get Scribe working with her?

I was delighted to read that Ms Paris Hilton has been having much naughty hotel room fun with Mr Robert “Millsy” Mills, one of the “Australian Idol” final ten. They were photographed having a pash on a hotel balcony, after blearily emerging one afternoon.

This is what has been missing from “Australian Idol”. One of the best things about “Idol” shows is the sudden fame that the contestants get. Gareth Gates, second place getter in the first British “Pop Idol” famously lost his virginity to large-bosomed glamour model Jordan when she was four month’s pregnant.

“Australian Idol” finalists Shannon and Guy are nice, but don’t seem to be getting up to any mischief, so I’m glad that Millsy’s done the right thing.

Oh, and I so love Paris Hilton. She is the living proof that you can never be too rich or too thin, or even too blonde or too sluttily dressed. She is a globe trotting party girl and I love her extravagance. I hope Millsy wasn’t a dud root.

P.S. I saw “Matrix Revolutions” today. The previous film “Matrix Reloaded” raised a whole lot of interesting questions and possibilities, but “Revolutions” didn’t seem to answer or explore many of them. It seemed like a hastily concocted conclusion, that had a few parts that felt like reruns from “The Matrix”. When the film concluded, I was almost expecting a bunch of Ewoks to appear and break into celebratory song and dance. I was disappointed because it could have easily been a much better film. And it so was not worth $14.

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