I saw a bit of “Behind Australian Idol” tonight. It showed Guy and Shannon planning what songs they would be singing for the grand final. I can’t remember what Shannon’s picks were, but Guy was working on “I’ll be there” and “Crazy in love”. “I’ll be there” is a traditional sweet ballad, which he’s sure to nail. “Crazy in love” is a bit risky because not only is it a recent single, but it was originally done by a woman. But as long as he doesn’t try doing Jay-Z’s rap in the middle, I reckon it’ll bring the house down, especially the bit that comes after the rap – in the video it’s where Beyonce gets all wet. So yeah, I’m excited.

I was watching the phone-in request show on C4. Some guy from Ashburton phoned in. Teuila, the host, was making small talk with him, asking what he was up to that night. Nothing much, he said. Then she asked him what was going down in Ashburton. Nothing much, he again said. She quickly went on to ask him what song he wanted to request. It was “One” by Metallica. And sometimes people wonder why Ashburton has such a high youth suicide rate.

The “One” video was followed by Mr JT’s “Rock Your Body”. Well, it cheered me up.

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